UFO Sighting in Greenville, Maine on September 20th 2014 – Object observed crossing the sky; initially larger and brighter; bright light with central strobe effect.

This observation took place from our cottage on the east shore of Moosehead Lake in north central Maine. It is a wilderness setting. The seeing was excellent with no moon and no clouds near the observed path. My wife awakened me to show me the object. She had noticed it through our bedroom window when she got up to go to the bathroom. This is not the first time we have seen objects of this general description. The direction of the initial siting was essentially due north at an elevation of approximately 45 degrees. It was moving in a westerly direction at a high velocity. My initial impression based on a naked eye observation was of a circular light, subtending an angle of approximately 1/4 the diameter of the moon. A strobe effect was occurring from the center of the object with a frequency of about once per second. After a few seconds the object passed behind some trees and was out of view for a few more seconds. We then went to another window, one facing the lake, hoping to catch sight of the object as it emerged from behind the trees. It did indeed reappear and continued moving until it reached a point that was almost due west of our position with an elevation of about 30 degrees. The object appeared to stop at that point. From our cottage, this would be looking out in the direction of Sugar Island and the main body of Moosehead Lake. The object appeared smaller, less bright but was continuing to strobe. At this point, I grabbed some binoculars and had a good look. Through the binoculars I was able to see three, thin, collinear, horizontally oriented lights that were yellow-orange in color. Centered on this configuration was the intense, white light strobing every second or so. During the time that the object was holding the same direction, there was no apparent change in size through the binoculars. After a minute or two, the object began moving again and within a few seconds passed over the horizon in a southwesterly direction.

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