UFO Sighting in Pumpkintown, South Carolina on September 20th 2014 – Object witnessed while driving down road.

About 4:31 am on September 20, 2014 driving along Hwy 11 from Keowee, the driver of the vehicle spotted an object floating in the sky.

This isn’t the first time we have seen an object. We have reported a couple of sightings before.

At first, the object appeared to look like a reflection of the red interior lights inside the vehicle. It was until this object moved that we realized that it wasn’t the interior lights. We all became a little nervous.

We decided to follow the object the best we could.

The object appeared to be black, though actual color could not be identified due to how far away the object was. It appeared to be spherical with a red glow at the bottom of the object.

The object was slightly to the right of the vehicle above the treeline. It stayed like this for a short period until it moved left into the center of the road, and then begin to descend. After a short distance, it ascended, moved slightly left, then back right to it’s original position above the treeline.

We were close to Wildcat Falls when the red light glowed brighter and then a sound as if a saw was slicing down the side of the vehicle occurred, which startled us, and then the object went to the right and the light faded as if it had landed beyond the treeline.

We stopped and turned around to see if we could debunk this object, but we could not.

We are amateur paranormal investigators who occasionally enjoy UFO hunting.

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