UFO Sighting in Ojai, California on September 20th 2014 – they are so many differend kinds of them. i see them in the day time with scops. best time to see is 5pm till dark thats when they come out of the mountains

Please someone hase to do something about all the ufo activity around ojai calif. 93023. there is so much more now and i keep seing more. i dont know what more i can do as to what iv ben doing. i fill thats not enough. iv went to them serounded of them it is so raw all of them. the only way to cope is to clear my mind of all thought have no fear and to see each one as buityfull beings and to fell they are my family as i am to them wow they open up to me show me what i am there for. my pashion to them is like a dream. they let me know i am different to others humans that im not like them. they chousen me cause i have a gift witch i dont know yet. the fact that i can go into the mountains and find them is a start.
they are aware of people atacking me all the time with a powder to distract me cause all you think about is whats on me nothing eles. iv gone to athoritys to get help they dont respond to me well so i ask them for help there sorral is there hor me is there but they cant intervine right now but they were able to hiten my sences to when its time to leave or my enstinks ability to be aware of all that is around and thay gave me a greater gift of pashion for all around me.
so now i scope acrose the street from the forest serivs building looking above the building into the rocks above shelf road and higher up unto nordhoff ridge . there all over but i am safe from people were i am at

the reat of my life i am here to one day make them known as our brother and sisters when that time comes it will come soon thanks mark mellein god speed

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