UFO Sighting in Tallahassee, Florida on September 21st 2014 – Watching FSU/Clemson FB game , saw streak of orange trail like falling star.Stopped video and backed up, using frame by frame saw white light, took picture, enlarged shows number of lights in triangle shape some different colors.Blimp in area.

Watching Florida State VS Clemson football game Saturday, 9-20-2014 on 720HD television. Show was recorded so I am not that sure of time. Saw a streak above, beyond stadium, looked like meteorite. Have full program saved on DVR. Backed show up to before streak, saw White light, took picture of screen with cell phone camera, enlarged picture and it showed multiple lights in close triangular arrangement. Phone only has 5.0m lens. Kept watching game and saw at least one more occurrence a few minutes later at another angle looking in a different direction,took picture of this occurrence also. Show was televised in HD. I thought it was a meteorite until I took a closer look, believe it to be alien, at least to public knowledge of available aircraft.
I saw a gigantic triangular craft while driving through Mississippi and Alabama in 1999 late at night while traveling from Tupelo, MS. to Newnan, GA. thought woods were lit up by an airport or high school football game until I saw the craft through moon roof, then thought it was a blimp or aircraft until I realized it was stationary and as big as an aircraft carrier. Most of my thoughts were in retrospect as I did not believe there could be a motionless craft of this size and was puzzled at the time. Never reported that one. Noticed no other traffic at the time, late at night or early morning.

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