Why On This World?


So, I have a random set of thoughts/and other I may be in use of some input…..

So lets say I know a guy……

What would you do if say he remembered that he may have a person/being/other in him?
Say even 2 of them+????

One in the head that attaches to the cerebral neural branch,and one in around the chest that still attaches where it does?????

One in the chest from sex with whoever back when young went up the groin???
One from a very strong lets say guy that put one down his mouth into the back of his throat?

2-Having been given drugs or other that gunked up the brain to change connection routes for possibly both?

Strong guy had a mother of the throat/head kind,,,,,,From–not now….
Thing may be currently in a lab having certain excretions collected for use….
Strong probably now normal guy best bet is somewhere around the US?

Guy I know…..
He may be being monitored all the time!!!!!!
Not getting the help he may desire.

What on earth could I pass on that he may do?

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