Black Triangle Sighting in Campbell River, British Columbia on September 22nd 2014 – Witnessed a triangular craft while sitting on the beach

My wife and I were sitting on a local beach from around 9:15pm. It was quite dark but we could still see the greyish rain clouds above. There was also the occasional opening in the clouds, letting us see a few stars.

As we were looking Northwest, directly above us, in a pocket of no cloud, a triangle shape appeared, with 4 lights down each side. It looked as if it was transparent or completely black. It made no sound and moved very smoothly within the 7 second time frame we witnessed it. Before disappearing into the clouds, it made a sudden turn south – an on a dime type of turn.

The event left my wife and I with a euphoric feeling and one we will never forget.

Our location is an apparent hotbed for UFO activity and we’ve seen some strange lights before, but nothing like this.

This was an actual triangular shaped craft that seemed as if it knew we were watching the skies and decided to show themselves while still remaining hidden in the cloud cover.

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