My Roswell Hypothesis


Probably every UFO fan knows the Roswell Incident. For who does not know about it, click here.
Because I was doing research about the Roswell Incident for my LEGO project, I made my own theory about it.

I think that the UFOs didn’t really crash, but were shot down by the American Air Force. There were, according to the story, 3 objects. So how is it possible that they all crash? I would actually be quite logic that they were shot down, because they were flying around Roswell, the only place that had nuclear weapons in that time. Maybe the Air Force thought they were Russian vehicles, trying to steal the nukes.
The Air Force already hid a lot about the Roswell Incident, so it’s possible they hide the fact that it wasn’t just a crash.

So what did the aliens do here? I already told you that Roswell had the only nukes of the world in the ’40s. Everyone knows nukes are dangerous, and if you have enough or them, and if you use them is a certain way, you can destroy the whole humanity.
It is possible that, if there will be a World War III, it would be a nuclear war, and maybe destroy all life on Earth. I think the aliens tried to steal the nukes, to save the humanity.

How do you think about it?
What do they think about the fact that we killed some of them? Will they come back for a revenge, or do they understand us?
Why did they want to save us?
What will happen next?

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