UFO Sighting in Huntsville, Ontario on October 29th 2013 – My brother noticed 1 sphere first, and started taking pictures of the event.

My brother Dan Hopkins was driving on morning when he noticed a sphere in the sky. Something was different; it almost looked like the moon but not quite. He started to take pictures after pulling over to the side of the road. He was in his car for the first photos and then got outside as the event started to unfold.
Eventually he saw at least 3 sphere’s. 1 he thought looked like it exploded. The pictures were taken on his cell phone, and are on his phone in order of the event. The orbs eventually became more like spaceship shapes.

My brother is still shaken from the event, and shared the pictures with me. I was also taken back. I had him send me some of the photos and shared them with a friend who is into watching the stars, etc.

My brother asked me to provide you with the information and he is open to discussing this further.

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