Carbon based Life vs. Plasma based Life.

“Sanitized” version of Carbon based Life vs. Plasma based Life.

Life based on carbon needs very especial conditions to thrive, life on earth is a clear example of that. Lots of time and research have been dedicated trying to find carbon based life elsewhere on the Universe, but that search may be too narrow because that search assumes that life can only be based on carbon.

The genesis of Life somehow appears to contradicts the second law of thermodynamics( locally, it is known that the law holds in the system under consideration), this law in essence state that: the degree of disorder or randomness(entropy) in our Universe always is increasing, but Life is characterized by an increase in order( a decrease in entropy ). It appears that when “complex” systems are considered then some “emergent” properties are present that can not be explained by consideration of basic principles. The emergency/genesis of carbon based Life is such an emergent property.

It will be very naïve to think that these emerging properties are the absolute domain of chemical reactions( carbon based/organic chemical reactions ), complex plasmas also are subject to the same emergent properties of self-organization, as it is explained in the 2008 book: Elementary Physics of Complex plasmas: Elementary Physics of Complex Plasmas | V.N. Tsytovich, Gregor Morfill, Sergey V. Vladimirov, Hubertus M. Thomas | digital library Bookfi, so Life based on plasma could be a real possibility.

If plasma based life is a reality, then that kind of life may have been present in our Universe since very early after the Big Ban and if plasma based life follows more or less the same principles that carbon based life, then plasma based life forms had plenty of time to expand all over the Universe. Plasma based life forms can exist in “empty” space, there is nothing practically that can slow down their expansion in any direction.

Carbon based life forms could have not emerged very early in our Universe because the basic elements for carbon based life forms are created inside stars, so that implies that several billions years have to pass before these elements are abundant enough for carbon based life forms to be a reality. It could be argued( The Anthropic Principle ) that for us to be here the Universe needs to be as old as it is now, but that argument do not applies to plasma based life forms. So if that is the case plasma based life forms could be pervasive all over the Universe. We could be missing something that may be in our own backyard and we are not seeing it because we are not looking for that.


And this is a “sanitized” version because anomalies are not mentioned at all, this version have been posted in several Astrobiology forums, it had to be sanitized, otherwise it will be rejected. The drawback of course is that many people in these forums will be ever ignorant of the real motivation behind this writing.

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