UFO Sighting in Tucson, Arizona on September 12th 2014 – 2 lights in sky [email protected]àng thunder storm

I have tried to contact AZ department but have not heard from them. Lights were just to south of us in a cloud and moving all over the cloud and coming together but not touching ,my wife also saw them. I took 68 photos in 1 hr and 38 min. They stayed within the cloud all the time. Sent the photos to local tv investigator asking their weather people if it might have been a weather thing,have not heard from them yet. I had gone out to take in my flag when I noticed them,went in and got wife to come out and look.Got my camera and started taking pic. Objects went to the edges of the cloud formation,then came back toward each other,kept repeating this during the whole time.When the lightening happened you could see that they were in the cloud itself. Was scared during the whole time,but fascinated by what they were doing,like they were charging themselfs up and coming together and sharing the energy.

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