By Anders Nilsson

Is Science opposed to Spirituality? Has the w orld of incredible scientific discoveries, and the explosion of computers, smart p hones, amazi ng apps and the like becom e the new religion? Do we believe science and medicine will handle ever y conceivable need and ph ilosophical issue?

As a physics and c hemistry research scientist and a spir itual teacher , I can see bo th sides. I believ e that scienc e and spiritu ality can co exist and be complementary to each o ther. To understand the o ter, social a nd physical w orld we tur n to science, but to understand the realm that our physical senses cannot see or touch is w here the pow er of spiritu ality comes into play.

In The Gentle Way of the Heart, I write abo ut going within to discover a true self that experiences and r esponds to th e physical re ality of the world, while remaining s ecure in the belief that the divinity of the self exists beyond time and space. Scie nce cannot study the true self, the real “us” that is conne cted with all of existence to the Divi ne, the source of everything that feels love and seeks oneness. Traditional science do es not expla in every eleme nt of huma n existence.

We experience the physical w orld through our five sen ses and we use our bodies to communicate and interact with our surroundings and those within the society in which we live. Science expla ins and paints a picture of how that physical worl d operates, a llowing us to actually see the sm allest dimen sions within atoms and look far out into the univ erse. Medic al scien ce is also hel ping us understand the nature of our brains and how they connect through the nervous syste m with the re st of the bo y and deter mine how w e act and int eract. When we are challenged or experienc e fear of the future, the false self takes over and fo r some, comp letely domin ates their liv es. Science h as develope d many disciplines and therapeutic methods to study various facets of the false self, which in many cases is derived from childhood trauma.

By striving to transform this false self and come closer to our true being, we can use science and technology as tools to manifest our innermost wishes that derive from love within, a love that has no boundaries and seeks pure openness. The true self emerges when we are gentle and kind to our surroundings, to others and to ourselves. When spirituality meets science, a harmonious, healthy earth can be imagined. Instead of competition with and divisiveness from others, pathways can be established that bring mankind together.

As a scientist, I look from my own true self upon the beauty of the physical and natural world, and my heart sings with gratitude that I can have such an experience. I know that we can build a remarkable future when all of humanity operates from the true self and manifests from the Divine within. We can develop the tools to make abundance and individual contribution available to everyone.

We can create artificial photosynthesis to generate fuel from captured CO2, water and sunlight, and chemicals and materials generated in green processes with side products that are harmless to our environment, and purify polluted or salty water so everyone have access to clean water. We can build houses based on synergy with nature, where the construction is almost biological.

As humans on a journey together on planet Earth, we are co-creators of the world that we inhabit. Through the self-discovery concepts laid out in my new book, The Gentle Way of the Heart, science and spirituality can be joined to create a Divine world on the Earth and to manifest the wishes of the Divine source that exists deep within all of us. By finding and living from our true selves, we can create a harmonious, love-focused world in which we accept everything as it is and everyone for who they are. We can change our lives and the future of man by bringing science and spirituality together.

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About the Author: Born in Sweden, Anders Nilsson received a Ph.D. in Physics from Uppsala University, and has engaged in award-winning fundamental research in physics and chemistry for decades. In 2000, he moved to California to become a Professor of Photon Science at Stanford University. Currently studying the fundamental properties and structure of liquid water and artificial photosynthesis, he has authored or co-authored numerous scientific papers.

In parallel, and independent from his role as Stanford professor, he has led spiritual workshops in Sweden for many years.


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