The yellow sphere and who was behind it–very unexpected

I posted a thread describing a drone craft that followed me off and on a short time back. What happened in connection to the drone was very surprising.
One night, I was focusing on something I was working on, when I became aware of something trying to get my attention. When I turned my minds eye towards the source of this. An alien woman with an elongated skull was present. It was her astral image I was seeing. All I could see was her left profile. From her shoulder up. She was wearing a dress of some sort. By the way cloth was laying over her shoulder. She had a broader mouth from what I could tell. But I couldn’t see much more of her facial detail from the angle I saw her from. Her skin was a very deep bronze. Then she spoke to me. Her language was not like anything on this world. It was like a series of musical toots that I heard. That’s the very best I can describe it as!!
Her people can astral project at will. She came to test me. To find out what I’m capable of. What I noticed about this was that she seemed a little unsure whether she should do this or not.

Now yesterday, I stepped outside to look at the clouds roll in expecting a bit of rain(we’re in a major drought) When suddenly I felt this pleasant feeling run through me. Then I heard a voice say “pardon my interest”. I knew that it was this woman. She’d come back! I was aware of her astral form( I can see an astral form without the use of my minds eye) You don’t see what people would call a ghost or the like with normal vision. But rather a formless movement of energy with splashes of darker areas within. Always in movement!! Then tonight I stepped out again and looked up to the sky and spotted what looked to be a red star moving away from another stationary star that I happened to be looking at. Then it suddenly disappeared! For me this was just another “hmmmmmmm” then I went back inside. Was the red star her ship? What I did get was that our planet is a “back country ” planet. Pretty curious

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