UFO Sighting in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts on September 25th 2014 – Bright red ball heading north. Turned 90 degrees, heading west, when 2 other identicle objects joined to form a large triangle.

Standing in my front window, waving to my son as he left. Facing south, noticed a bright red/orange object in the sky, floating north. It was silent. Object took a sharp 90 degree turn, heading west. 2 other objects joined after initial object changed directions. The three objects formed a giant triangle. I went outside to get a closer look, and to listen for noise. It was completely silent. Objects headed west for approximately 5 minutes, when the rear two objects that flanked the first object vanished. The first object maintained a western path, headed toward the Agawam/Southwick area. The objects were no more than 500 ft off the ground.

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