UFO Sighting in Carrollton, Ohio on September 26th 2014 – Flashing lights in distance, alternating sequential pattern of red and green.

We were standing outside on the back patio on September 24th, 2014 when we observed a series of stationary, sequential blinking red and green lights in the North-Northeasterly direction. This time coincides with the series of fireballs spotted across the United States.
This evening, September 26th, 2014, we observed a similar occurrence at roughly 290 degrees (West) of compass North. The object appeared first as a cylinder and later as a cross-like shape. It was, in cross form, slightly tilted with red and green on opposing ends with 1-4 white lights in the center.
Distance from viewing is unknown but upon second viewing it had moved nearly a foot across the sky towards the Northwest, opposite of the movement of the stars. Time had elapsed 25 minutes between the first and second viewing.
This was witnessed by at least three people Northeast of Carrollton, Carroll County, Ohio, USA.

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