UFO Sighting in Corunna, Indiana on September 22nd 2014 – Observed a bright orange object with a red top flying from the east to west

I sitting at the kitchen table with my husband around 10PM and glanced out the window facing east and saw a bright orange round object coming from the east. It was above the tree lines and was traveling a steady pace. I said “What is that” and ran out to the patio with my husband following right behind. It was not blinking and appeared to have red on the top. It was fairly close but we didn’t hear a sound. I asked my husband if it were a plane or helicopter if we would hear it since it was close. He thought we should of heard it. I ran and got my phone and started recording it. I recorded it as it traveled west until I lost it behind some trees. It was such a bright orange and appeared to have a round shape to it. I have no idea what it was.

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