UFO Sighting in Saint Paul, Minnesota on September 22nd 2014 – Viewed flying object performing impossible maneuvers

I was at work. I stepped out of the building for a smoke. The weather was clear (bright sunlight and only a few wispy clouds near the horizons). I observed an aircraft very high in the sky, traveling from east to west. The aircraft was silvery and reflective in appearance. Since the aircraft was as wide as it was long, I presumed it to be a smaller jet with straight-out wings. It���s distance away made it hard to determine it���s exact shape. There was no visible vapor trail. It appeared to be traveling faster than what I would expect from a cruising aircraft (600 mph at 35,000 feet). While moving across the sky, the aircraft had maintained a uniform speed and trajectory. Suddenly, it made a right turn. Not a right bank. It made a right turn. With no observable change in speed or attitude, the aircraft changed from westbound to northbound instantaneously. I couldn���t believe what I was seeing. It proceeded northbound for perhaps three seconds, then made a similar right turn to the east. It then made a similar turn to the south. One more right turn, and it was once again headed westbound. The trajectory was straight west, but the aircraft diminished in size rapidly, indicating to me that it was gaining altitude quickly. It was gone from sight three seconds after it���s last right turn. Two things are for sure: What I saw was an object. The object I saw performed maneuvers that no known modern aircraft should be able to perform.
I feel compelled to tell someone about this event. You should be the right people to tell���

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