Black Triangle Sighting in Dunlap, Illinois on September 27th 2014 – Two unblinking orange lights in a parallel line with a faint green glow on right tip of triangle; SW direction toward Crane NB @ steady constant speed.

I happened to look out my window after putting my children to bed & observed two unwavering orange lights in a vertical line with a faint green glow on the right tip (appeared left to me as I was viewing it from ground) of an apparently triangular craft, moving at a steady pace from NW to SE toward Crane Naval Base in IN (the closest military base to me that I could locate, being near Peoria IL). No sound at all. None. I attempted to view it from my oldest child’s window immediately after sighting it, because it faces SE, but cloud cover prevented any further view. At first I thought it to be an airplane, but no airplanes fly without the flashing red-&-greens; this had no flashing lights at all, and the green on the right tip appeared very faintly, like an aurora. At first I was fascinated, then I began to feel nervous, and now I feel quite alarmed.
It seemed to me that it was quite low-flying; either that, or it was high up and massive. I noticed no chase craft after it, just normal air traffic headed NE about 5 min. later.

This is the second strange craft I have seen from my home, the first being a boomerang-shaped dull black craft in broad daylight in Mar. 2010, which after viewing for approximately 5 minutes appeared to vanish into the clear blue sky as I watched.

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