alternate abduction methods?

imagine a hand full of supposedly super advanced, yet little and fragile beings stand in the dark of a to them alien bed room.

apparently in some cases the abductee, while not able to move or unwilling to move can get a clear look at these creatures. in some cases this supposedly can be remembered by the abductee.

now my question:

if we are solely dealing with a scenario where surgery is performed on the abductees´ body, why getting yourself in the danger to put a foot on a -foreign planet?-, if there is no need to?

why not beam straight up to the ship, if physical contact is necessary why not use some tiny insect gadget the size of a tick or be fully cloaked when entering a foreign house! just two out of hundrest of possibilities to do the job more effectively, safely and anonymously.

the only reason why physical appearance of the abductors would be necessary would be 1.) their agenda is more one of a psychological rather than physiological; 2.) it is part of their study to experience the natural habitat of the animal first hand. that could include that greys are rather robotic entities that are remote controlled and connected via mind to the mother ship, so the greys interacting on the surface are merely avatars.

ramblemamble…, so since we seem to have a peek concentration of claimed first hand abductees on this site that know their alien buddies by name, why does this entire abduction method work in this dangerous and unnecessary manner?

not only would i be grateful for answers to my question, i would very much welcome further ideas of how an alien abduction could be worked out alternately, as the title suggests!

currently it all seems a bit amateur like.

meanwhile the alien conference on abduction strategies:

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