UFO Sighting in Green Bay, Wisconsin on September 27th 2014 – 2 Glowing orange balls first one then the other one appeared

My Husband and I were walking up to the gas station by our home and when we came outside we noticed this one orb thingy that looked as though it was on fire of sorts, I turned to my Husband and said “what the heck is that, you see that right?” He said yeah and look there is another one. We watched whatever it was and they were orange and red in color and were moving without any sound at all!! They seemed to be heading towards the Bay and as we stood there watching them they blinked a couple times then faded out. WEIRD we NEVER saw ANYTHING like this before. There were also PLENTY of airplanes in the area too. IT WAS NO PLANE Also the next night I saw, along with my Husband in the daytime 2 VERY strange looking white objects WAY up in the sky and they were flying TOO close to be airplanes, these were silverish white if that makes sense and heading east.

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