UFO Sighting in Santa Clarita, California on September 28th 2014 – UFO appeared to be bigger than an aircraft carrier and looked like a cargo container.

The observer was sitting outside on their balcony having a cigarette around 3:30am when a bright object appeared in the sky above them. They said the object was larger than an aircraft carrier and looked similar to a Lego in that there were round lights/bumps that did not pulsate. Originally the observer thought maybe it was a drone, a star or even the space station. Then as the object became clearer they realised it was too big to be any of those things. The object was less than 10,000 ft high and was 3-5 miles Southeast of Newhall.

The object hovered and went backwards. It then moved a little forward and then turned right. It then moved straight again, backed up and then made a turn to the right and this is when the observer was able to see the front of the UFO. The front of the ship appeared to be completely sealed and rectangular like a cargo container with lights on the sides and below it. There were lights everywhere. The UFO advanced slowly and took a long time to make a pivot turn. The observer described the movements like a ship on the ocean. The observer thought that the ship detected the light from his cigarette as it approached their direction. Quickly intrigue turned into fear and the observer went inside. The UFO was said to be completely silent and was about cloud level in regards to closeness to the observer.

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