UFO Sighting in El Paso, New Mexico on December 23rd 1976 – Unknown craft at altitude went from Zero to Mach 10 in a directed path and made no sound

The time was after midnight, crystal clear sky. full moon, could see stars almost on the horizon. I was traveling west from El Paso to Southern California- I stopped at the side of the road, and stood on the Mound between the road and the desert [behind me, to the North].

I observed the Craft directly overhead slightly to the West…about at Zenith.
Craft was stationary (still) and made no sound, had a circular array of lights – alternating Red and Blue (a cobalt blue)
Craft seemed to be Oval however if it was tilted it could have been circular and seemed to me to be oval from the ground.

I could not determine the Size because I didn’t know its altitude.

The Craft moved ever so slightly and very slowly [as though positioning itself] from North back to South, then became stationary.

In an instant the craft disappeared to the East [over mountains about 18 to 20 miles away] THIS TOOK ABOUT 3 TO 4 SECONDS. I estimated it was doing about Mach 10.

It left a wispy light blue contrail behind it’s path, and as I waited for a sound or a shock wave, there was none.

It looked to clear the mountains [estimated at 6K feet by a few thousand feet SO I guessed that it was at about 8,000 feet when it was above me.

Personally, I was a member of Flight Control [NASA Houston, Building 30} and had been involved in over 20 Rocket Launches in my professional life. America had absolutely no technology to come even close to meeting this observed performance at that time.

Privately, I didn’t discuss it for a very long time, for obvious reasons.I also believe that what our citizens observe in the form of UFOs is absolutely none of the Federal Government’s business, and between you and I, we should keep it to ourselves, not even inform them….better for us to inform private organizations and the press than to turn our information over to ‘Liars Central’ in Washington.

That was the only observation I ever made but I am a qualified observer, and so I assure you, the technology was not from this planet.

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