UFO Sighting in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on August 25th 2014 – a big ufo with alot of lights pot hole lightspolicecalled1Owitnesisbineontv

abig light in the sky and was asked what to do I told her to call the polic and she did they felt it was a ufo there was two officers with us they where there about 45 minites then had to leve the ufo real slow left and went told the blue mountain told th river at blink out and was gone from sight the ufo was disk shape with alot of colors of lights one on each would get real bright red one end and blue at the other end it was notof this world I later found do to its size it was seen in cumberland county and other countys from what I was told ther was a ufo sighting on the monday befor this over the school it was red and blue bear shap and went real fast up in the sky date on that one O8/22/2O14 at 9;OO PM dont know who all saw just 3 people toward it almost hit a building people are asking me whats going on with the sightings this is not normal whats that tell you. The search program came to my door and we talked about the sighting until I talk to some from mufon and show them where it happen words dont me a thing again what we saw was a ufo nothing other and the police are staying with the same report that was the best thing I did was have her call the police.sorry about the part of the report wiyh words running tpgether I had ear surgery thanks fo understanding. End of report.

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