UFO Sighting in Geneva, Geneva on September 22nd 2014 – saw on a youtube news program

I did not see it in person.Was watching a news video on youtube and spotted it last week.Others have seen it from viewing the comments section.It is called ‘world losing battle with ebola’-Doctors without borderschief ,RT news sept 22, 2014.it starts about 1min 40 secs in.It appears to pop out of or from behind a cloud on the right side about half to two thirds from bottom .It moves right to left ,not in a straight line ,disappearing behind the speakers head and finishes on the right side of the screen.Ive never seen a ufo in my life . Im 60. This kinda blew me away.Hard for one to wrap the mind around seein it but I can’t explain it.My name in the comment section is bullfrogger. thanks.

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