UFO Sighting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on June 17th 2014 – I saw a large cigar shaped craft, it also had a smaller object that passed from it's right side, under it at a very fast speed. It was not any type of aircraft, or manuever that I have ever seen before

I dropped my wife at the Doctors office. While she was at her appointment I took my dog to a nearby park. When I threw his ball to fetch, I noticed a bright pinkish cigar shaped craft. It was accompanied by a smaller craft that was flying at the larger crafts right side. It too was pinkish in color. The smaller craft suddenly flew under the large craft’s left side, and back again. This was no mid-air refuel, as no fighter pilot would ever attempt such a dangerous maneuver, especially over a populated city like Philadelphia. I am 52 years old, and I have always been fascinated with planes. These objects were something that I have never seen before, nor were they sharply defined like any aircraft. I witnessed their acrobatics for about ten minutes before the objects went behind some clouds. I have only told my wife of this sighting, and now to you. I see jet planes fly over my home all the time as they approach Phila Intl. airport. So I can tell you with all certainty that these craft were out of my experience. I sorry I cannot provide any photos as I did not have my camera with me. I’m not telling you this for attention. I do not want attention. I’m only making this report because I feel confused, and scared about what I witnessed.

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