Wind Turbines Kill Bats by Impersonating Trees

Survival tip: don’t hang around machines that have giant spinning blades. It’s a lesson bats have been slow to learn, judging by the large numbers of their corpses found beneath wind turbines. New video footage suggests some bats are attracted to wind farms because they can’t tell turbines apart from trees. If it’s true, this […]

GHOST ROCKETS: ‘Smoking Gun Evidence’ of US Led Deception Against The Soviets?

The Smoking Gun of the Rosetta Deception By James Carrionfollowthemagicthread.blogspot.com8-29-14       After writing the book the Rosetta Deception (available for free at ), I have been in a constant search for corroborating information to bolster the theory that the Ghost Rockets over northern and southern Europe in 1946 were the product of […]

New OZ UFO X-Files Revealed by Australian Researcher, Paul Dean | VIDEO

     Australian UFO researcher and regular contributor here at TUFOC reveals never seen before, previous classified UFO documents (OZ X-Files if you will) during the public UFO conference in Melbourne, Australia (Video)–FW See Also: Getting Straight Answers [Re UFOs] From The Royal Australian Air Force – Pt 1 UFOs – Documenting The Evidence Researching […]


*To: interested parties on planet earth:* From: those who were chosen to experience alien contact & UFOs:* Re: Information based on humanoid communication in English language* Subject: Space Travel Facts we can agree upon* Time: On or about the earth years of 1980 through 1993* Reason: To share common facts on the *   To […]

Scientists finally explain why your grandma will never find "Borat" funny.

Did you find the above “Mr. Bean” clip funny, or just inappropriate? Depending on your answer, we can probably guess your age. That’s because, according to this study, there is a clear association between age and the ability to laugh at socially inappropriate humor. The researchers demonstrated this by showing people of various ages humorous […]

alternate abduction methods?

imagine a hand full of supposedly super advanced, yet little and fragile beings stand in the dark of a to them alien bed room. apparently in some cases the abductee, while not able to move or unwilling to move can get a clear look at these creatures. in some cases this supposedly can be remembered […]