UFO Sighting in Corona, California on December 28th 2012 – 4 events. Super Nova, bright white light with ship inside, triangle ship ascending, circular fireball let ufo out bright light.

Around 12/2012 I witnessed an oval almost fireball appearing inbetween the two left stars in Orion’s belt. The ball first appeared as a snap shot but remained as a dot then it began to expand slowly. It almost covered the entire space inbetween the two left starts in Orions’s belt. Why was this not reported? It is said intelligent life has and are visiting us now from a planet in that area. It is possible they known this would happen, found our planet and are now here. Around 3am weds morning after the Super Bowl, I went to my back yard and sat on a comfortable chair. I looked up at the stars (looking North East approx) and a star slightly off to my right but within my sight. I just moved my head slightly to the right and I saw what happened. A star that I was looking at suddenly got really bright. I mean florescent pure white. It then went to the right, making an extremely white line. The white light then shot up making a square of incredibly white pure light. I never took my eyes off. There was a ship inside. I just saw the first two front parts of the ship. It was triangle, then another triangle after it but sectioned. I noticed it was inside another cacoon type of ship. The exterior of the cacoon ship mimiks the stars. It was as if I was in the Starship Enterprise and witnessed being inside the Holodeck. The square shape the ship inside vanished suddenly. It lasted about 5 seconds, but it was my luck that I was staring directly at that spot when it happened. About two weeks later sitting in the same chair, I saw at around 7:30pm, to my amazement an object off to my right, or to my south west, going in circles about one quarter of an inch around, from my perspective. It went round and round furiously, suddenly that same bright light appeared and something like a flea flew out. The light suddenly disappeared but the object remained and it was going in circles the opposite way but it was slowing down. Finally, about two weeks ago standing infront of my pool, I just looked up and saw a light the size of a bright star flying from south to north and when it went over my head it left our atmosphere and curved to the right igniting is back engine as the sun the showed it’s triangle shape and afterburners. Amazing. All I described should be drawn by your people for humanitys record. WE ARE NOT ALONE. WHO ARE THEY? WHAT DO THEY WANT? I KNOW THEY ARE HEAR.

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