UFO Sighting in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on June 23rd 2014 – on vacation family sitting on hotel porch saw bright red orageish orbs hovering in and out for about 5 minutes

My wife son, step son and i were sitting on our porch at the camelot hotel sometime around 10 oclock. Im from pennsylvania soi never new myrtle was a hot box for these sightings.. The date was june 23rd. We saw these orbs appear one at a time btil there were 3 in a row. It was pretty amazing I tried to take video but I couldnt get anything.. I accidentaly got audio of our rection which is very entertaing. Til this dayy we cant talk about it in front of my 12 year old stepson. If youwould want he audio I can probably email it or send it by phone.

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