UFO Sighting in Lee's Summit, Missouri on September 21st 2014 – Five objects i one day

Sunday September 21, 2014 I had begun taking some photos at different times due to the clear sky at the time. I began at 11:09 a.m with a short movie sequence that lasted 17 seconds. When I first looked at it, I didn���t notice anything. On closer study I discovered two faint grey craft.

Craft #1–At 11:30 a.m., I noticed a white object above one of the trees in the back yard which suddenly appeared and seemed to be staying roughly in the same place. I took a series of five still shots on my 300 mm zoom and the focus was set near infinity. The direction was almost due north for the first one, and about 355�� for the fifth one. I knew it was not a bird or plane or anything identifiable. The craft appears to actually be two of them in tandem, as it bears some resemblance to the white craft in case # 59835 (seven days earlier). It appears to have been hovering over the Blue Springs Lake area.

At 6:37 p.m. I shot a second short movie which lasted 23 seconds, and in which once again, I didn���t notice anything upon first view of the movie. Closer inspection by analysis of the frames of both movies revealed two new faint grey craft which moved extremely rapidly. Each movie was shot in the same general direction at 346��.

��� The important thing is that these faint grey craft seem to be coming from the Blue Springs Lake area, rising at extremely rapid rates, and occur quicker than the human eye can see. In both movie sequences, they rise and move out of the scene area in .55 seconds or less, some in as little as .13 seconds. Not only that, but craft #2 described below made sudden turns that are beyond any human technology. The ���g��� forces alone would be incredibly high unless accounted for in some way.

Craft #2 Zigzag���The first movie sequence���the craft shot up at an angle of 25�� and the 37 frames elapsed in .55 seconds. The craft travelled straight, effected a sudden 90�� turn, three frames later a sudden 45�� turn and left the screen. This zigzag pattern was remarkable.

Craft #3���Second movie sequence–shot up at an angle of 40�� and the 20 frames of its observed flight elapsed in .33 seconds.

Craft #4���Second movie sequence–shot up at an angle of 55�� and the 8 frames of its observed flight elapsed in .13 seconds.

Craft #5���appears at the end of the zig zag sequence of Craft #2 and can be seen in the composite image attached. A pointer indicates its location though it���s faint in the composite.

The attached satellite photo shows dark areas in Blue Springs Lake near the projected origins of the craft. In fact they appear to be rectangular, which is odd for the bottom of a lake. Upon checking, there were no large building structures in the middle area of land prior to the lake���s construction in the 1980s. (The two red lines close to each other point to the area covered by the zigzag). The far right red line points to where a direct line reverse trajectory indicates direction of origin of craft #2.

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