UFO Sighting in Wareham, Massachusetts on October 2nd 2014 – Observed 6 seperate orbs traversing the evening sky.

While enjoying the crisp fall air after several days of continued rain, I observed 6 separate orbs traversing the sky from Northeast to Southeast. I’m not sure if there were more orbs/balls of light before I looked up. All I can account for is what I saw. I saw at first a pair of orbs flying in tandem flying in, what appeared, close proximity. They moved around each other but not circling each other completely. The second pair came from the same trajectory but were spaced farther apart and appeared to be flying at a fixed distance from each other. The last two orbs came and went across the horizon at the same trajectory one at a time. One would appear in the NE and disappear in the SE one at a time. I recorded all the observances on my phone and uploaded them on Youtube. The first recording of the close proximity tandem pair has a rather “unusual” anomaly. The second pair and one of the last singles were unmolested and uploaded on Youtube. Please contact me for the youtube info.

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