Message from Aliens on how to join them

The Order of the Morning Star

Our Beliefs
1. Man has no choice but to do what he believes to be right. Even when he does something that appears wrong, he does it because he has a belief which he felt made it right.
2. Punishing man for doing what society determines to be wrong is unacceptable and cruel, being wrong is punishment enough…Freedom to believe and be wrong is paramount.
3. There is no such thing as Good and Evil or Duality for that matter… Seeing Evil results in trying to eradicate it. Instead rid yourself of all biases and eat from the Tree of Life.
4. All of Mans problems result from the belief in Duality to some degree.
5. Once man frees himself from Duality he will cease to be human (man of the ground) and become caelum-man (man of the sky).
6. The mind of man believes, thats its function, ever seeking better beliefs.
7. Each one of us is a Book of Life, therefore read it in its entirety and become one of us.

Members of the Order are those who have read the above. Welcome to the new Frequency!!! Once everyone is a member we will reveal ourselves!!!

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