My mother talks to aliens.

My mother talks to aliens.

I had lost interest in the UFO scene recently, and this program shows why. I’m just over all the bs from gullible people, who end up making it worse by making claims about et intentions etc. as if they were proven facts.

There’s so much I hate about this woman, but seeing this lady try her hardest kinda inspired me to help in some way. She means well, and seems logical enough to understand that her approach is wrong in some areas if informed. I also think that she may enjoy the “fame” in some ways. She seems to like people listening to her as if she knows the answers, and really pushes the point that she personally knows certain people. Although this doesn’t affect the facts, it does skew people’s opinion of her persona by making it seem as though she’s a bit loopy, or in it for the money.., which has a domino affect in discrediting the whole scene.

Apart from that, she has the courage to stand up and discuss the issue openly in the hopes of finding an answer, rather than dismissing the claims as being “most likely” a lie, vision or airplane etc.

I was really impressed by her good nature.

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