UFO Sighting in Canajoharie, New York on September 23rd 2014 – Twice seen. What are these things?

On 9-23-2014, near as makes no difference, at 1315, from my work station, looking northward, I noticed a small, shiny ball bearing type of craft, straight line flight, moving from right to left at very high speed. I noticed it only because I had my amber vision flip shades down. When I flipped them up, I could not see it. Flipped down, it was visible again. Strange, it’s surface apparently able to be “invisible” when viewed with the naked eye. But the amber flips made it visible. The Suns light was reflecting off this object. That’s what I saw. Perhaps with the amber flips down, it could still impossible to see. I believe I got lucky. It would have only taken a few moments with a customer, and I never would have noticed. Another time of day. A different position of the Sun. Never would have seen it. It’s almost like UFO lottery. I was at the right place at the right time with my amber flips down, looking in the right direction. What was that thing?

Now, the first time I’ve ever seen this. After this thing zipped by, passenger jets were flying in generally the same direction, west. I counted 5, seperated by moments and different elevations.

Well, those are my six experiences. Don’t judge me harshly. I’m relieved to finally get this out there. I don’t care what happens anymore.

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