UFO Sighting in Fort Johnson, New York on September 15th 1999 – 4 round white lights On/Off in sequence

Around 4 AM, during a driving paper route, approaching a 3 way intersection, breaking out of the treeline, looking eastward out the front passenger window, I noticed 4 round, large white lights. I said to the driver, “Check that out, pull over, stop.” We got out and watched it, hovering. Then in sequence, from aft to front, one by one, off-off-off-off……………then back on again, on-on-on-on. After a some seconds, off-off-off-off, and then nothing. No noise. No apparent indication or resemblence to any commonly known manmade vehicle.

This marks my 5th sighting and the first one I consider a traditional UFO.

The shape of the craft was impossible to see. It was just barely dawn, all that was visible were the lights.

I know others saw it and filmed it. I cannot find the footage anywhere. I have not seen it in any UFO documentary, or in other media. EXCEPT, during an intro of a documentary, in a splash collage of UFO’s. So, someone, out there, somewhere has the footage and only you know who you are. Whatever it was/is, this
is the only one of six experiences of mine, seen by other people, I do not know and never met.

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