UFO Sighting in Lima, Ohio on October 5th 2014 – VERY Large object night Video Recording 17 frames of 24 f/s video. Partial vapor/debri trail.

Night sky video recording with looking south viewing large area including 2 bright stationary satellites using KT&C High Performance CCTV Camera Model KPC-EJ230NUWX with optional 25mm lens. Very large inverted “U” light appeared at top of frame partially obstructed by day/date/time recorded at top center. The light filled in to become an elongated oval slightly brighter at the top trailing end. The object appeared in 17 frames of recording at 24 frames per second. About 1/3 of the way along its path a faint vapor/debris trail began as if the UFO was desending into more dense atmosphere. It disappeared partiall behind a cross hair line I had created in the camera software and into clouds that were present only in the bottom of the frame.
I have been recording this portion of sky 24/7 for a couple weeks and play back at high speed when I have time. I was very lucky to catch a glimpse of it but it appeared so much larger than ever low flying aircraft that I backed up and found it at slower play speed.
I should be able to copy the video off the CCTV DVR but haven’t figured out how to yet. Generally it is safe on the DVR for up to 2 weeks before it gets over written.
I am submitting one frame snapshot taken of my TV monitor with my cellphone camera.

At 70+ my experience tells me this ain’t Saturn Mars or Jupiter 😉

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