UFO Sighting in New Orleans, Louisiana on October 2nd 2014 – Only took notice bc it changed direction. Otherwise I'd assumed it was a plane.

I noticed what I thought to be a plane while sitting on my upstairs side porch. I have a view of the MississippiRiver Brigde and lots of open airspace. I assumed that the shiny whitish object that was moving high in the sky-a good distance away was a plane. It was moving westward in a straight parallel line to the ground. It seemed small because it was pretty far away. The sun was setting and made the object stand out as reflective. As I watched it moving in a straight line westward, it suddenly changed direction. It moved back (still on same line and height) toward the east and the Bridge. That’s what caught my attention to film it for good measure. By the time I started filming, it was moving in the Eastward line. I watched it as far as I could see from my porch and then it was out of my line of sight. The video is somewhat unremarkable. It the imaged zoomed and enhanced convinced me that it was not a plane.

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