Colorado UFOs prompts police, NORAD investigations

Witnesses noticed three shiny UFOs in the sky above Breckenridge, Colorado on the morning of Friday, October 3.

Multiple people called the local police department to report the “shiny, white, tiny dots” floating in the sky. Reporter Matt Renoux from local NBC affiliate 9NEWS reportedly observed the UFOs as well, and managed to capture the objects on video. Based on witness testimony, and his own observations, Renoux doesn’t believe the UFOs were drones or weather balloons.

“They would just sit there for five or six minutes . . . ten minutes . . . fifteen minutes . . . without moving an inch on our viewscreen in the camera,” he explains. “And then you would see a flash of light and they would take off across the edge of the mountain ridge behind me.”

UFO over Breckenridge. (Credit: Paul Denunzio/9NEWS)

UFO over Breckenridge. (Credit: Paul Denunzio/9NEWS)

Some witnesses reportedly observed these Colorado UFOs moving to form triangles or straight lines in the sky.

A UFO in the news camera's view screen (Credit: Matt Renoux/9News)

A UFO in the news camera’s view screen (Credit: Matt Renoux/9News)

Renoux says similar objects were reported in Utah on Thursday, October 2. One Utah witness submitted a UFO sighting report to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). “I and four of my neighbors in my apartment complex saw three white lights–they appeared like solid objects either glowing or reflecting the sunlight–first they hovered for around a half hour, then headed south-west very, very slowly,” the witness explains.

9NEWS reports that the Summit County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident in Colorado. The sheriff’s office contacted the FAA, but were told that no reports of unusual aerial objects had come in. The station also reportedly contacted the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) about the UFOs. “NORAD is not tracking any anomalies in that location. We are investigating,” said a NORAD spokesperson.

With both the local sheriff’s office and NORAD investigating, hopefully more details about these UFOs will emerge.

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