UFO Sighting in Grand Haven, Michigan on October 4th 2014 – two star-like objects travelling together and slightly changing direction in near-unison.

At Approximately 6am on two separate mornings about one week apart I observed star-like objects in the dark sky near the eastern shore of lake Michigan, in West Michigan, in Grand Haven.

The first observation included just one star-like object moving alone in the sky from West to East, about the speed of a small aircraft, but without the blinking lights.It was moving nearly directly overhead.It looked exactly like a star, but was obviously moving too fast. This object did not appear to change direction, but continued in a straight path across the sky.

The second observation included two star-like objects in the dark sky nearly directly overhead. These too looked exactly like stars, but again, these also were moving about the speed of small aircraft, but maybe faster.These two objects were moving North to South when I observed them.

I didn’t observe these two objects as long as the first one because they came into view for only about 30 seconds and moved on; But these two objects appeared to weave in the sky in near-unison, while continuing in the same direction. They appeared to be one slightly ahead and to the side of the other.They appeared to “weave” together, kind of like birds do in flight.

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