UFO Sighting in Between Moosonee and Coch, Ontario on June 5th 2005 – Unidentified very bright white light, same height as my aircraft (8,500') without radar trace.

As a private pilot, I was flying from Moosonee, Ontario, back home to Oshawa, Ontario, in the very early hours of June 5th, 2005. My routing was taking me via North Bay flying at a height of 8,500���. Weather was clear & calm, but, far to the west, there was a line of thunderstorms that were at least 75kms away. I was flying a Cessna 172 with 2 passengers on board. At approximately 1.30am, about 40kms north of Lake Abitibi, out of nowhere, there was a very bright light about the size of half a full moon. The light was so bright, I could easily read my map in the cockpit. It was at the same flight level as me but I could not tell how far away it was and I could not see any fuselage or particular shape. I got on the pilot to pilot radio (126.7) and followed standard contact procedure requesting the other ���pilot��� to inform me of their height, equipment and direction of travel. After several attempts, no communication was made (which is not unusual). The object seemed to be holding the same spot for a couple of minutes before rapidly moving off to my port, then starboard side while maintaining the same height. Failing to get any response on 126.7, I radioed London (Ontario) radar who controlled the airspace I was in. After identifying myself with a transponder code, they could not see any other object anywhere close to me. They suggested I conduct a 90% turn to the East and observe what the object does. The object followed me, occasionally changing its position from directly in front, the sides and on one occasion, to the rear ��� each time, it moved at seemingly impossible speeds. London Radar checked with the military who confirmed that they did not have anything going on in the region. This went on for approximately 20 minutes before the object seemingly went vertical until it disappeared completely.

Throughout all this time, there was never any interference with my radios or navigation equipment. After the incident was over, one of my passengers (sitting in the back) whom I thought was sleeping (as was my front passenger), asked if I thought it was an alien craft ��� he was terrified!!! He was also a non-believer but admitted he could not find any logical explanation for what happened. The flight continued on without further incident.

I did file a report with Transport Canada immediately on my arrival in Oshawa later that same day. Several months later, they sent me a letter (which I no longer have!) that stated they could not find any logical explanation for the incident and put it down to unusual weather phenomenon.

Lake Abitibi and north is extremely isolated. There are no roads or communities. The terrain is very flat (pre-Arctic tundra). Why an ���alien��� craft would be in that area beats me?

London Radar (Transport Canada) should have the full transcript of the event.

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