UFO Sighting in Chelsea, Alabama on October 7th 2014 – Fast light crossing path of ISS stopped and disappeared.

I enjoy going out and watching the space station go overhead. I get emails when it is going to pass over. I got one tonight and went out. Nice clear night. Great for viewing. It (the space station) comes into view out of the west and as I’m watching it another light appears just north of it crossing it’s path. From the new light’s trajectory it was clearly above or farther away. It shoots across about half of my sky view super fast. Much faster than the space station (which itself is moving very fast across my viewing area) like shooting star fast. But it is perfectly even, not twinkling like a shooting star and no tail. Then it stops dead and just disappeared. I considered the fact that it could be a satellite but it was brighter/bigger and of course satellites do not stop.

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