UFO Sighting in Naguabo, Naguabo on April 17th 1995 – Tree huge mercury balls

I was at my room watching tv and around 11:00 pm I felt a sleep suddenly I felt light coming into my room throught the window so I got up and open the window and look at these tree huge balls of mercury or liquid metal is the best way I could discrbe it. Then I beam of light hit me and instantly I was transported inside this object. There was two human like entities one was a very tall female with this white tight body suit and she was in front of this long keyboard but very advance …..she was pushing these cristal rods and in front of her was a huge screen…..at the same time she was doing this I was paralyze by this older male entity that was holding my arm. This older male entity also was in a white suit and i notist that his hair was realy white and long this was my best discription from the liitle that i could see. He was telling me how humanity is destroying our bio sphere and how delicate and unbalance is becoming in witch we will be facing a world caticlysm in a near future and we humans in order to survive this coming event we are going have to go underground . While this was being said to me it was also shown on the huge screen the projection of our pas , present , and the future. I startte goin into some sort of panic and instantly I was back in my bed room looking out the window and these huge mercury balls disintegrate into the top of a mounting located about 600 feets from my house. I always believe that we are not alone in the universe for unknown reasons I just felt this way. However , I never Knew that I was going to have this amazing expierence In my entire life. What really blew me away was that I had credit card with a amount of $ 14.95 and this is where it realy get strange ……I was driving by a unknown force or what ever you want to called that made me get in my vehicle the next day and I went to Plaza Las America located in Rio Piedras and when into a bookstore and told one of the employees ………where is the section for UFO phenomenon…..once I got to the section I just pick out this book call Alien Encounters with the Unexplained and the cost of this book was the exact amount on money that was in my credit card. I recieved this card by this book store a few weeks before this event. Once I got home and open this book I realize that in one of the pages was a illustration of the entities and part of the inside of this object that I was taking into and also the screen. I believe that this is reshoring that everything that happen to me with this entities was real. I have never came forward with my expierence untild know.

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