UFO Sighting in St. George Island, Florida on October 8th 2014 – Saw 2 lights within 20 mins glowing orange spheres

While staying in rented house in Plantation on SGI I first observed an orange sphere at airplane altitudes moving in from the gulf horizontally across the island from south to north. As I watched it the orange glow faded but I could still see the faint outline of the object in the full moon. It reminded me of the lighted Chinese New Year balloons except that it appeared to be traveling on a course and was a sphere and much higher in the air. I took a short clip of this object and really had no ideal what it was. I then walked to the beach as the moon was full and very bright. As I looked towards the west end of the island out about 20 deg from the coast line past the govt. cut a much larger orange sphere (closer to me than the first one)suddenly appeared by blinking on then off twice. This one was also at a much lower elevation closer to the water . This one definitely got my attention I hung around a few mins more but saw nothing else. I have seen maritime flares and these were not flares. The second sighting blinked on and off very quickly from
Full light to darkness like flipping a switch. First sighting about 8:20pm the second around 8:40pm

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