UFO Sighting in Auburn, Washington on October 9th 2014 – Bright light in western sky,central king county Washinton state.

Just stepped out back door to smoke and saw a small white light in the western sky and it appeared to be getting brighter,noticed that the light had no flashing lights and called my brother to come see the UFO was getting excited because this is not my first sighting and finally had a witness to an incident.The light was on a eastern directional path and were no sound coming from craft.The light traveled for maybe 10 seconds and then stopped and hovered for a approximately 5 seconds,then changed its path to a solid 90 directly up,diminishing in size,illumination,then finally color changed to red and disappeared.About thirty seconds lapsed and three bright flashes of light appeared over the house,approximately at a 10000 ft level then nothing.The light appeared to hover over Auburn Wa.

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