UFO Sighting in Joplin, Missouri on June 15th 2012 – Large Chevron object sighted over tree tops and disappeared in Jopkin

I lived in Joplin, Missouri at the time. I lived south of range line across highway 44. One night I was walking my two dogs right before the 10 o clock news. I had my ear phones on as I was walking the dogs. The sound was turned down very low so I can hear if anyone was getting close to me. I started walking down the street behind my house facing East. I then look up at a 45 degree angle and see a chevron shaped craft appear out of no where. It was flying so close to the ground that I thought it was going to crash into the ground. It had a red light under it, and a blue light. One light on either side. The sighting lasted about 5 seconds and the craft appeared to have cloaked into the night sky. It didn’t move across the horizon and disappear. It turned on some sort of cloaking device and disappeared. I was terrified and grabbed the dogs and ran into the house after that. I got back to the house around 10:15 p.m.

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