UFO Sighting in Overland Park, Kansas on October 8th 2014 – lights appearing in triangular form while watching full moon.Moving,morphing changing form and altering pics taken of them.

It was 12:00 am I had just finished washing dishes and wanted to relax for a couple minutes before going to bed.Went outside to look at full moon sat down and was just chilling.I am not sure when I noticed the blinking it was coming from my left and really resembled a few stars in a triangular pattern.Yet it seemed to be coming closer to me but still far off 2 or 3 miles maybe.The sky was totally clear the eclipse happened later in the morning.I am not sure how long it took but they broke off into a line and moved to the north of my house. Where they reformed in a triangular pattern,still seemed to be far away.It was then that it seemed to change shape yet still remained triangular stretching out while pulsating and vibrating?The orbs stayed white but it looked like light was pulsating between them to form a full triangle.Inside it looked like you could see the sky but not really,like it was cloacking in the center.I had an odd thought at the time had they opened a portal? At some point there were many more that showed up most at a great distance and acting similarly.I kind of felt mesmerized?or hypnotized? time was odd,hard to describe.I had grabbed my camera sometime before 1:00am and kept thinking I should wake my husband and son.Was certain it would be gone before they could get outside so I did’nt wake them but started taking pictures sadly I did’nt know how to use the video mode.The pictures I got are weird in quite a few ways.Quite a few look black and I kept thinking its not working right.But it was like whatever is in the center of frame disappeared making space around it darker on close inspection there are orbs or stars in most of those pictures.The third picture I took is black yet at top of frame a grayish shadow of an orb is seen.All these pictures were taken with a Fuji xp camera on telephoto unsure of specs but is fairly new and has wifi.In hind sight that photo really bothers me as I had not seen anything this close visually.On the blackened photos I never lost sight of the lights.There are a couple pictures in my set of 20 that the date is upside down as if I had turned camera I had not.The 5th frame is the view as it looked to me when they were’nt throbbing,morphing and elongating.I did not see all those that I got on film but did notice that the light seemed odd.The flash at the left in pic.#5 is from a basketball backboard.It was a full moon and it was brighter but this was different,indescribable.The 6th frame is similar only center is’nt what I saw visually as lights never left my site.During the time I was taking pictures the flash seemed to draw them closer in and I was getting paranoid so did’nt take as many as I wanted to,especially when I thought the camera was malfunctioning.I turned back to the south and took 2 pictures of the moon there it worked fine,next picture I had turned back to the north when that one was shot the camera was not turned upside down but the picture seems to have been taken that way.Took 2 more pictures of what seemed to be nothing so I walked inside and took a picture of my dog Tony.Camera worked fine for him went back outside took 2 more of what I thought was blackness same as the others on closer inspection there are orbs/lights/stars in most of these pictures.I felt like it was not going to let me film it any longer so quit taking pictures and shortly there after went to bed.I never did wake my husband or son but knew they would be getting up before too long so left camera and a note on kitchen table about my strange pictures asking them to get pictures of the eclipse.There are 3 pictures of that and you can see orbs/lights in those they were taken to the west,off our deck.The next night I took pictures in the same spot but only to the south and east just as a comparison.That is a picture of a plane just to the left of the moon.The next frame is black in that series too did not see anything weird though. Overall the experience left me stoked and excited but in hind sight a bit paranoid as I’ve been left with the feeling that we are probably being watched more frequently than we care to know.And I am left wondering if there was more to my interaction with these lights as time and reality seemed to be altered somehow.I am pretty sure that they accessed my camera through its wifi but cannot say for sure how the pictures were messed with. The experience lasted a little less than 2 hours yet I was surprised to see I took pictures for only 50 minutes of that time.When I was a kid about 1977 a group of neighborhood kids probably 9or10 of us were playing hide and go seek and we all had an experience with lights. They would stay in a line formation probably 7 or so lights about 5miles away at a sixty degree angle and would move strangely enough at high speeds that we knew what we saw was other worldly even then.I guess that might be why I never really was afraid but did get paranoid the other night when the flashes from the camera drew them closer to me than I wanted them to be.I could not post all the pictures I referred to so am sending 1,3,5,6,9,14,16,21 in the series I took on 10/08/2014.The 9th file was the eclipse taken at5:50 am on10/08/2014.10th file is taken on 10/09/2014 showing a plane in approximate area lights formed the night before.

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