Proceedings of the CAIPAN Paris workshop on UAP/UFOs.

Just a heads up but Australian researcher Bill Chalker has recently posted the link to the proceedings of the CAIPAN UAP/UFO workshop held at the CNES (French equivalent to NASA) headquarters in Paris earlier this year -as the article states below the links include slides, videos and lectures from folks such as Richard Haines, Jacques Vallee, Eduardo Russo, Philippe Ailleris, Nico Conti and Jeremie Vaubaillon – haven’t read through all of it yet but it does state that Erling Strand also gives a presentation on his 30 years of research into the Hessdalen phenomena.


The proceedings of the important CAIPAN UAP (UFO) workshop are now available on the GEIPAN website:

Main Link

The lectures, documents and videos can be accessed at this site – a huge resource for those seriously interested in the scientific potential of UAPs and UFOs.

The workshop was an outstanding step towards the development of a serious science of Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena (UAP) and Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs).




July 8 and 9, CNES Paris met scientists and ufologists for a workshop on methods and tools to improve the collection and analysis of information on Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena (CAIPAN).This international meeting allowed for the first time to combine the experience of UFO associations in research in psychology and astronomy, as well as the expertise of the National Gendarmerie and the Air Force..

Pioneer PAN , CNES could meet for the first time high-level scientists (Jeremiah Vaubaillon, Observatoire de Paris, Jacques Py, Professor of Psychology, Thomas Rabeyron, lecturer in psychology …), representatives of the gendarmerie and the Air Force, recognized experts in the field of ufology (Richard Haines, Jacques Vallée, Méheust Bertrand, Ron Westrum …) and a hundred players in the global UFO world, thus demonstrating the major contribution of the multidisciplinary approach to analyze this complex issue.


Pics (Courtesy of Tom Tulien):

Dr. Jacques Vallee presenting his paper “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP): a strategy for research”:

Dr. Richard Haines of NARCAP presenting his paper “Useful Research Methods for Aircrew and Air Traffic Controller UAP Sightings”

Eduardo Russo addressing UAS/UFO cataloguing activities:

Erling Strand presents a survey of 30 years of research of the fascinating Hessdalen light phenomena:


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