UFO Sighting in Arlington, Texas on October 11th 2014 – Daughter said daddy what's that in the sky and pointed to it and that's when I looked and saw it in the sky

I was outside. installing a tail light on the car and was playing around with the led lights I was installing.. my daughter was outside also just playing around. until she looked up and pointed while calling my name saying daddy what’s that in the sky.. I was like what… so I looked up and saw the object in the sky, and at first thought it was a trash can bag floating in the sky until I saw shape transformation in it. it looked like it was floating in the air and hovering. I was like that’s no plane or helicopter at all… it started monving southeast direction until I looked down for just a second and it moved quickly across the sky to the other side of the sky on the north side like a blink of an eye. I said to my daughter how did that thing move from one point to the other like that..
I told my duaghter to go get my phone so I can see it better.. so she went inside the house to go get the phone .. while she did that I kept observing the object on the sky and noticed that it was changing shape and moving slowly southeast and gettng higher in elevation, as soon as my daughter came back with the phone I zoomed in on the object but was not even a clear view . was going to record it but didn’t even bother. so I just viewed it until it disappaered into the clouds. I was like wow amazing..w

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