UFO Sighting in Elma, Washington on October 8th 2014 – Big three white lights on font left center right about five feet apart making a jet like nose in the back where red,blue,white lights blinking in pattern

During the blood moon I was outside of my home by the middle school when when I saw three bright lights heading my way coming from the west.I went in side and got my dad and we both went outside.when we got outside the thing was about ready to go over us.As in did there was a jet like sound and it seemed so close i could feel like if II climbed the a tree a could touch it. AS it began to bass the back had blue,white and red light blinking in turn.
My dad had worked at Boeing for many years he said it was a plain but then said he didn’t know what it was.The last I could see of it was when it went past the tree line heading towards star lake.The next day I saw to of them same height but heading towards Olimpia. There was one more that a buddy and I saw coming back from Elma ponds by the fair grounds then disappeared when we went over the free way.These events happen the two three day when the moon was big and orange,and the lights seemed to be the same lights like the last sighting but also had a green light. I saw a post here that some one saw something like the same thing just wanted to say I saw something weird to good eye.I am a believer so i didn’t feel weird.There is a lot of military around here for a small town. I have also seen from time to time men walking with black suits waring black sun glasses.I saw one of them walking down young st with a military walk and hands cuffed with combat boots walking the same rout as those things.One last thing I think there making a D.U.M.B with our unfinished nuke sight.There are big big drills the last time I went up there.Please report any weird things you see in Elma,WA

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