UFO Sighting in Huntington Beach, California on October 11th 2014 – Glowing Orange color, very bright, seems to hover and rotate.

On Oct.11, 2014 at approximately 6:55 P.S.T. in
Huntington Beach, Ca., my Girlfriend and I observed (for the 3rd or 4th time, my first time reporting),a larger bright Orange colored object in the sky looking approximately SW. (I used an electronic compass “App” downloaded to my Tablet to determine direction of object). She and I were in our Condo complex parking lot retrieving items from my car when she noticed it and told me to take pictures. This object would be over the Pacific Ocean which is located approx. 1 mile from my location.

“What did you think the object was?” –

Since this was about the 4th time we saw this in the same vicinity,we tried to speculate what it was. We are located in a flight path where planes take off and land at LAX, (36 miles from my location), Long Beach Airport, (17 miles),
John Wayne Airport,(9 miles), and Ontario Airport, (56 miles). Having been here 6 years, I’m used to seeing planes in their usual flight paths and altitudes as well as Police Helicopters. Additionally, planes and Helicopters observed seemed to always have the same colors and direction of movement. We speculated the possibility of Planes or Helicopters but the movements, altitude, and color of lights weren’t consistent with with what we’ve observed several times prior. We also discussed the possibility of a Balloon, RC Drone, and Military Aircraft. To my knowledge, I’m not aware of any Military Bases currently in operation in my vicinity with the exception of Mira Mar located in San Diego located down the Coastline approximately 75 miles from my location.

“Describe object movement and motions in detail” –

This object moved up and down, stays in one position,and side to side. From the photos, it appears to be rotating. The elevation appeared from my vantage point to be higher than where planes are normally witnessed in their flight paths but this varies +/- unknown elevations.
There was medium cloud cover this evening so it would disappear behind clouds and re-appear nearby the same location through cloud breaks.

“Describe your feelings” – Fascinated,curious, not shocked because we’ve seen this object (or similar object) before so we keep an eye out for it randomly.

“How did you lose sight”- Cloud cover.

Please note that some photos submitted were zoomed and cropped to obtain better view of object. Also, pictures may show a street lamps orange light towards the bottom of the photos.

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