UFO Sighting in Casselberry, Florida on October 13th 2014 – strange, bright purple object in sky that changed colors, darted around in the sky in Casselberry, FL

we were walking home from a friends house in Casselberry, FL. a few of my friends and I saw an object in the sky with a light on it that was “Blacklight” purple, then green, yellow, then orange but was mainly this bright purple color. It was doing all sorts of weird things too! Quickly changing direction, doing small circles in the sky, hovering in one spot then moving a different direction. There was no sound. We watched it for about 3 minutes as it darted left and right, up an down in the sky. It was also stationery in the sky. It was joined by a smaller blinking object, then it headed north, north-east, toward SR 434. Everyone was amazed and we had no idea of what this could possibly be.

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