UFO Sighting in Kansas City, Missouri on October 12th 2014 – Unidentifiable object moved across the sky on a fixed path and constant speed. It appeared to be spinning as it moved.

Approximately 8:15PM CST on Sunday, October 12th, 2014, I was walking my dog on 36th Street, between Gillham Rd and Warwick Street, in Kansas City, Mo. In the SE sky I noticed a light, on what appeared to be a helicopter. The light caught my attention because it wasn’t like any other color that is typical of any aircraft. It was a soft amber light, and large like a spotlight. I noticed there were no other lights on the object. None of the required red and green lights, no flashing lights. I then noticed there was no sound coming from the object. I was trying to gauge how far it was from me when the light went out. The object was still completely visible, but there were no lights and still no sound. I continued to watch as it made its way to the NW. I was having a hard time discerning the shape, and then realized the object was spinning as it moved. The rotation of the object made it impossible to get a clear shape and the edges were more fuzzy than well defined. When I last looked at the object it appeared to be making an almost flapping motion, almost like a giant bird. It moved at a constant speed, and in a straight line. The speed was typical of a small aircraft. I followed it across the sky until I lost it due to buildings and trees. The whole event was so bizarre that I got in my car and tried to follow it, but never saw it again. I called to non emergency police line to see if any one had reported strange sightings, they said they hadn’t received any. I also checked the internet, which brought me to this site. I would really like to be put in contact with someone else who saw this object. I know what airplanes, helicpters, gliders, balloons, blimps, etc. all look like, I know how they sound, I know how they move. This was unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

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